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February 11
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Peafowl Friesian Customs and Breedings by gyngercookie Peafowl Friesian Customs and Breedings by gyngercookie
FINALLY got these done XD I kept getting more requests, so I kept putting off uploading this until I got them all done at once XD lol

The first 3 are for KeroFirestar
#1 - Palomino stallion - plume mane
#2 - Crimson Day x Winter Wonderland breeding ~ Red/White hybrid mare - barred mane, carries solid
#3 - Peppermint Romeo x Peppermint Patty breeding ~ Peppermint bark mare - speckled mane, carries plume

Next three are for DiogenessLantern
#4 - Java Green mare - barred mane, carries solid
#5 - India Blue stallion - plume mane, carries solid
#6 - Peppermint Patty x Winter Wonderland breeding ~ White/Peppermint hybrid stallion - plume mane

And the last two are for StarlitStables
#7 - Peach mare - plume mane, carries barred
#8 - The Gingerbread Man x Palomino Peaches breeding ~ IT'S A MYSTERY XD for now

The last one isn't revealed yet because I got ahead of myself and made the foal before the breeding pic was done, so it'll just be a little mystery until that's done. XD lol

I hope you all like them! ;3; Let me know if anything needs changing! 


Line art (c) AmandaRaquel
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they're so prettyy <333 would you possiiiblllyy be open to make a few peafries for me? :3
gyngercookie Feb 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Absolutely! ^__^ :heart: I can always use the practice lol
Although I'm still working on chipping away at my to-do list so I hope you don't mind a bit of a wait ^^;
Yaayyy :D how much would it be per pretty pony? :3  And that's perfectly fine with me <3
gyngercookie Feb 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I charge 50 points for customs ^__^
ooo awesome 8D I'm going to note you about it okay? <33
DiogenessLantern Feb 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Ilovethemtheyareperfect. Seriously.

Also, pattyxwonderland babies were as beautiful as you thought they might be! Umfg! 

I'm also super excited to see this surprise mystery foal that starlit is getting. :o exciting!

now ijust hope that i get time this weekend to do some drawing. :3
gyngercookie Feb 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
XD lol I'm glad you like them! ^__^ ~:heart: Yessss the Patty x Winter foal turned out so pretteh ;3; I was so happy I rolled a hybrid XD
AHHHH THEY'RE SO PRETTY! I can't wait to draw them fdhauifjkagnsnbdjfasdf I think my favourite is the hybrid though *__*

I even have names! The Palomino is Locking Up the Sun (barn name pending), the Red/White hybrid is Covered By Roses (barn name pending), and the Peppermint Bark mare is December Lights (barn name pending) <3

When I get more points, I swear I'll be commissioning you for more, because you're good at these! I just know the ones I want next are Peach, Perlino, and Cameo (and possibly Chestnut. I found a liking for those recently.) *-* So yeah.

But now since currently all my owed Peafries are done, I can start working on refs *0*
gyngercookie Feb 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm so glad you like all of them! ^__^ ~:heart:
StarlitStables Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i am loving the peach mare! i will gte the ref done soon :la: and could i try designing that ginger bread myself as well?
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